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So i’m MrTien Duc. I’m Admin on is a page to Give pokemon entertainment that best suits you, all for free! So about downloading on Someone see dont want to download with ads (Advertising). Now i will explain about that. always provide link without ads. Why provide link with ads, it’s illegal for Pokémon fangames? Hmm, in legal for Pokémon fangames, you shouldn’t sell or earn with Pokemon fangames. So it’s different from! doesn’t force you to download with ads’s link. We provide 2 types of link. You can download with Not Ads’s link, if you download with ads’s link, it’s still way to save my server without DDOS. That’s the difference of with other sites! You can choose not ads or ads, we don’t force you to download with ads and all is voluntary!

Click "Download Now" to download!

1. How to Download?
Click "Download" and maybe the page will show you a pop-up. You should close it and come back to my page again. Click "Download" again and it will work!

2. How to extract Game or Parts?
Big Games are splip in smaller parts and compress into a file! Some files are compress with Winrar, programs can extract mayn formant such as: .rar/.7/.001/.002/…etc – provided they are updated to the latest version.

1. Download Games on
2. Install latest WinRAR or 7-Zip, this is important! old Winrar can’t extract new packages.
3. Then right click the game and click “Extract to Name of game”.
4. Then right click trhe first part only and click “Extract to name of parts”. That will extract the whole package. You don’t need to do anything with the other parts.

USING ZArchiver (Android):
1. Download Games on
2. Install latest ZArchiver on Googple Play.
3. Then find a compressed file.
4. Then Click the file and choose "Extract to ....".
4.5. If you have more parts, Just click part1 and "Extract to ...." So it will extract both of them!

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